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James Frey’s Awesome Books on Writing

I’ve read a lot of books on writing over the years. Many of them I find too dry or elementary. James N. Frey’s books, however, are excellent. I read them backwards, starting with The Key: How to Write a Damn … Continue reading

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A Bad Day for Signs

As if my life isn’t chaotic enough right now, some moron decided to steal my Obama sign Saturday night, making it necessary for me to sacrifice two hours to make this replacement. I just wish I’d been able to fit … Continue reading

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A Bad Day for Trees

Wednesday afternoon I came home to find the landscape on either side of my house being raped and pillaged.  My neighbor hired some guys to cut down all the vegetation in his back yard and much of it in his … Continue reading

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Happiness is the Ultimate Goal

The other day my husband and I got into a discussion. I said that happiness is the ultimate goal in life—that if you’re happy, nothing else matters. My husband maintained that to have a complete life you need love, health, full self-expression, and … Continue reading

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Camping with Aliens

I went camping with the Beavercreek Alien last weekend. Actually, the Alien and I had sense enough to rent a hotel room, seeing as it was getting down into the 20s at night. Four of her friends, however, decided to … Continue reading

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The Duckometer

You know how on MySpace they have those little smileys that show what mood you’re in?  Well I’m taking that to a new level.  Let me introduce the Duckometer.  When I’m having a particularly good day I’ll use this photo: … Continue reading

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Library blues

I’ve got a beef with my library’s online reservation system. For some reason it will no longer keep track of my book list.  Every time I log out of their website, the new entries disappear.  I discovered this when I … Continue reading

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Tools for Managing an Online Presence

I’ve been trying to learn all this new stuff for managing my online presence, and some of it can be quite frustrating. I’m wondering if anyone out there has recommendations. Do you use Google Reader or some other form of … Continue reading

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Technical difficulties

The learning curve on this blogging stuff is enough to make me bang my head against the desk.  I have to refrain though, because such indulgences freak out my cats and cause all the crap I have stacked up to … Continue reading

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