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Have You Heard of Dropbox?

Do you have trouble keeping files backed up? Do you work between multiple computers and have to constantly transfer stuff by flash drive, wondering if you’re accidentally saving an older version over the one you just worked on? I found … Continue reading

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WARNING: automatic renewal system

Has suckered you into a Gold Membership so you can contact an old friend or organize a reunion? Did you go for that 3 month membership for $12? If so, you need to know that you may have unknowingly … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Bridget Zinn

Today I have a guest blogger, Bridget Zinn, who also writes YA fiction. A few weeks ago she did a techie post on how to make use of all those online tools that will help you network.  Be sure to … Continue reading

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Tools for Managing an Online Presence

I’ve been trying to learn all this new stuff for managing my online presence, and some of it can be quite frustrating. I’m wondering if anyone out there has recommendations. Do you use Google Reader or some other form of … Continue reading

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Technical difficulties

The learning curve on this blogging stuff is enough to make me bang my head against the desk.  I have to refrain though, because such indulgences freak out my cats and cause all the crap I have stacked up to … Continue reading

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