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Speed Kills—or at Least Makes You Wanna Puke

I’ve really got to get a handle on this blogging thing. Seems like two seconds pass and another week’s gone by. I was going to post something this weekend, but I was madly trying to finish up Dead Heat (one … Continue reading

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Puddletown’s First Launch

Even though I’m no longer with Puddletown,  my author friends are. Their books are now available. Please go check them out. You can buy them all at Smashwords, and they’ll be available at Barnes and Noble and soon.  I … Continue reading

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Catching Up

I’m such a negligent blogger. I haven’t posted in over two weeks. Instead I’ve been busy figuring out Twitter, growing my social network, and trying to finish up the rough draft of Dead Heat. I left Alex in a real … Continue reading

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A Publishing Update

A lot has been happening over the past couple of weeks. It started when I got an offer from RainTown, a local small press. I’d already settled on my route to publication, and had sent RainTown an email a few … Continue reading

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