Tools for Managing an Online Presence

I’ve been trying to learn all this new stuff for managing my online presence, and some of it can be quite frustrating. I’m wondering if anyone out there has recommendations. Do you use Google Reader or some other form of RSS feed? Which photo managing program works best, Imageshack, Photobucket, All You Can Upload, or Flickr? (Or do you have experience with something else?) What type of WYSYWG software does the best job of letting you set up a website without botching up the code? Is there one that will let you edit visually then fine-tune with HTML code?

Feel free to share your experiences and opinions on the above or on other tools you’ve used for managing your online presence.

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1 Response to Tools for Managing an Online Presence

  1. My website designer, bless her heart, deals with all the code. So I’m afraid I don’t have recommendations for software. As far as photo managing, I’ve used both Photobucket and Flikr. Photobucket is easier for me to use; one reason is that they put various codes (including the URL and HTML code) for the image underneath it, and you can copy just by clicking on the code you want. Makes the process of putting photos in your blog posts a little more streamlined.

    Good luck–this is the kind of thing that makes me want to tear my hair out!


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