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A Publishing Update

A lot has been happening over the past couple of weeks. It started when I got an offer from RainTown, a local small press. I’d already settled on my route to publication, and had sent RainTown an email a few … Continue reading

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The Tao of Writing

In a weird bit of synchronicity, my friend Amy Rose Davis was talking about the need for a writer to be a reader on the same morning my friend Stina Lindenblatt sent me an email about coloring outside the lines … Continue reading

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It’s my Blogiversary and I Just Don’t Care

Two years ago today I started this blog. Some people make a big announcement with bells, whistles and giveaways on their blogiversary. Yeah. Not gonna happen. Last year the day came and went with nary a post. I just can’t … Continue reading

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Going Back in Time

Have you ever been to a place that felt like your soulmate? A place where you felt you belonged, sure as if someone had scooped up a handful of the soil and formed your body from it? For me that … Continue reading

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Introducing a New Page and a Final Knee Update

As I was browsing blogs today, I saw that Elana Johnson is looking for outlining help, so I added a new page devoted to that topic. I’d been meaning to anyway because in the past few days I incorporated another … Continue reading

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Under the Gun to go Under the Knife

So tomorrow’s the big day. My feelings are a little mixed about it. On the one hand, I’ll be glad to have this surgery over with, even though I’m not sure I believe that it’ll take care of my knee … Continue reading

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More Outline Progress and Blog Awards

I’ve written four books now, but my writing process continues to evolve. As most of you know, I’m currently working on the outline for my 5th book, Full Throttle. For the last one, I wrote all my plot points on … Continue reading

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Catching up and Plotting Out

Lately my life has been a blur of landscaping jobs. I’m trying to get all my customers taken care of before my surgery. I come home so exhausted that even reading other peoples’ blog posts takes more energy than I … Continue reading

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Oregon Summer Recalled Due to Manufacturer Defects

For two shining days it looked like our weather was taking a turn for the better, then the jet stream dipped south again, and we’re back to rain and cool temperatures. Yesterday we shattered the previous record for the wettest … Continue reading

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My Writing Process

Everyone in the writing industry has advice, and often they’ll share it in a manner that implies it’s gospel. But the fact is, much of this advice is contradictory. So how do you sort it out? By reading, experimenting, and … Continue reading

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