I have to admit that I shamelessly stole this ordered list format from my friend Susan.

  • I used to be a race car driver.
  • I started writing when I was 13.
  • Thirteen was my race car number.
  • That’s a total coincidence. I chose the number because it was bad luck.
  • I fell in love with cars when I moved to Eugene, Oregon my second year in college and started attending the University of Oregon.
  • I fell in love with Eugene, too. If I had my druthers, I’d be living there today.
  • What are ‘druthers’, anyway?
  • One of my favorite things about cars is how an engine works—the logic and practicality of how the parts fit together. You can learn how an engine works here: How engines work
  • Speaking of logic and practicality, how about hybrid cars? Now there’s a no-brainer of an idea.  We should apply this technology to all vehicles. It could even be used on performance cars—the hybrid hot rod. Speed meets environmental consciousness. Someday, someone with money will make this happen. But remember, you saw the idea here, first.  You can learn how hybrids work here: How hybrids work
  • I love science, especially geology, meteorology, and medicine.  I kind of dig math, too.
  • In high school I got Cs in math because I spent all my class time writing stories.
  • I know how to weld. I taught myself by building race cars.
  • I’ve built five race cars. Two Street Stocks, a Limited Sportsman, a Cruiser and a Bomber.
  • The Cruiser was a Pontiac LeMans.  I stuck parts of the nameplate emblems together to create its new name: The LeManiac.
  • A Cruiser is a car with two drivers. The one with the steering wheel controls the brakes. The one in the passenger seat works the gas. It was a gimmick class on Wednesday nights, but it was fun.
  • I once moved from Oregon to North Carolina with only $800, a beat-up Ford van, and a race car that had been rolled.
  • I’d rolled the race car myself a couple of months before.
  • It was a blast.
  • I didn’t know anyone in NC or have a job lined up.
  • I really like the color yellow—bright, golden yellow—but I wouldn’t call it my favorite color.  There are too many great colors out there, and I wouldn’t want any of them to feel left out.
  • I don’t have a favorite movie, but some of the ones I’ve really liked are Star Wars (A New Hope), The Empire Strikes Back, Stand by Me, Regarding Henry, The Sixth Sense, Shrek I and II, Cars and Juno. My husband loves old movies, and occasionally he can convince me to give one a try. Two older movies that I loved were Twelve Angry Men andInherit the Wind.
  • I don’t think there’s any reason to be cruel, catty or rude even if you strongly disagree with someone. Showing respect, even if you think a person is dead wrong and the biggest fool on earth, is a demonstration of your own personal integrity and restraint. There’s never an excuse for name-calling or twisting the truth. That’s why I don’t listen to political talk radio.
  • I think most politicians act like ill-mannered kindergarteners brawling on the playground. Grow up, people. How can we expect to teach selflessness, respect and compassion to kids when our leaders don’t display it?
  • On the enneagram personality scale I’m a 4 with a 3 wing. But I also have strong 1, 2 and 9 tendencies.  You can learn about enneagrams here: Enneagrams
  • On the Meyers-Briggs I bounce all over the place.  You can learn about that test here: Meyers-Briggs
  • I think personality tests are a great way to add extra dimension to a character.
  • Others think I’m outgoing and confident, but really I’m scared to death of people.
  • However, once I get to know a person, or feel comfortable in a group, I don’t shut up.
  • I can’t get into Shakespeare. So shoot me.
  • My musical IQ is in the toilet. I can recognize songs on the radio, and names of bands, but unless they’re one of my favorites, I can’t put the song with the band.
  • I was a weird kid who always ate the food she hated first and saved the good stuff for last.
  • I did the dishes and my homework before I played, too. It wasn’t that I was some kind of goody-goody freak, I just couldn’t stand having something unpleasant hanging over my head ruining my good time.
  • Basically, I’m a strange person.
  • But then, aren’t we all?
  • I’m really intense. When I decide to do something, I focus in with pinpoint attention. Nothing else enters the picture.
  • When I work, I hate taking breaks.  It’s too hard to get started again. I’d rather work until I’m done or I drop, whichever comes first.
  • I have a hard time relaxing.
  • I know relaxing is a good thing, but I feel like if I’m not always doing something, I’m being lazy.
  • My mom told me I was a lazy, irresponsible smartass all the time when I was a kid.
  • I wasn’t lazy. That wasn’t me sitting on the couch watching Gilligan’s Island reruns all afternoon, it was my brother and sister. I was the one outside in the tree, failing to act like a lady.
  • I wasn’t irresponsible, either, but I didn’t find that out until a worked as a junior counselor at Outdoor School and the staff praised me for the great job I did.
  • Being told I was responsible rocked my entire universe.
  • I actually am a smartass
  • Mom was right about that.

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10 Responses to FUN STUFF ABOUT ME 

  1. Alice Lynn says:

    Hey Lisa! What a treat you are to the blogging world! Funny, fresh, and talented! Let’s hear more.


  2. Beth says:

    Everyone seems to be blogging these days. I’ve always considered a huge waste of writing time, but if you think it’s a valuable tool for a writer, maybe I’ll reconsider.

    So far I like what you’ve had to say. And I went to the how engines and hybrids work. Cool stuff.


  3. Ruth says:

    What fun reading about you and your first experiences with blogging. I don’t know anything about it myself, so it was interesting getting your take on it.
    You are a lady of action. When you read your stories and when you write I am caught up in your words.
    Keep on…you do ‘string words along’ very well!
    A smart publisher will snatch your work one of these days. MANY Authors started with several rejections before some wise editor ‘saw’ the value of their work.


  4. susanls says:

    So, once again you steal from me……


    LET THE BLOG WARS BEGIN!a Muhahahaha


  5. susanls says:

    One thing you got right. You are a smartass!



  6. MaryJean says:

    Cars, words and gardens. You have a colorful story. Write-on!


  7. I’m still not convinced about the veracity of all that enneagram stuff–but I have thought it might be handy for developing characters. Have you ever used it that way in your writing?


    • Lisa Nowak says:

      As a matter of fact, Pat, I did use if for my characters in the Eugene Speedway books and somewhat for Dead Heat. In fact I wrote a tip for my friend Casey’s blog on using enneagrams for characterization.


  8. Orice Klaas says:

    A very likable and gifted “smart-ass” in my opinion.


  9. I like you already, A smartass woman who can build cars. Oh yeah, that’s so awesome! 😀


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