A Bad Day for Signs

As if my life isn’t chaotic enough right now, some moron decided to steal my Obama sign Saturday night, making it necessary for me to sacrifice two hours to make this replacement.

I just wish I’d been able to fit “neener-neener-neener” on the bottom line.

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5 Responses to A Bad Day for Signs

  1. Tony James says:

    Very Nice!


  2. Great sign! I hope whoever stole the original reads this and WEEPS.


  3. Bridget Zinn says:

    I can’t believe someone stole your sign! Your new one is fab though!


  4. A second sign that says ‘neener neener neener’ would be funny. You’re a hoot.


  5. Lee Wind says:

    I LOVE your sign. There’s so much I’m hearing about “dirty tricks” and ethical… lapses. I’d love to use your story (and the photo of your sign) in a post on the election on Monday – would that be okay? I’d certainly credit you and send people your way when they click on the photo…
    do let me know! Thanks,


    also, you should consider being part of blog the vote – you can check it out on my blog




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