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Wild Weather and Other News

We interrupt this (ir)regularly scheduled blog for an emergency weather rant. A lot of people have noticed something this summer. The United States—in fact much of the world—is having some really crazy weather. For us here in the Pacific Northwest, … Continue reading

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Oregon Summer Recalled Due to Manufacturer Defects

For two shining days it looked like our weather was taking a turn for the better, then the jet stream dipped south again, and we’re back to rain and cool temperatures. Yesterday we shattered the previous record for the wettest … Continue reading

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This, That, and the Weather

Ugh. I don’t know what it is about blogging that I find so difficult. I can get a million other things crossed off my list, but somehow I keep putting off writing a new post. I guess I think of … Continue reading

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Snow Day

Portland was hit with a freak snowstorm yesterday. Well…sort of freak. There was cold air and there was moisture. You’d think the meteorologists could follow a basic recipe and pull the same forecast out of the oven as the local … Continue reading

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Wildly Wet and Wonderful

What a deliciously drippy day. It’s rained 1.38 inches here in Milwaukie since yesterday afternoon, and from the Doppler radar it doesn’t look like it’s in any hurry to quit. Perfect writing weather. In fact, yesterday I cracked that 2000 … Continue reading

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Wicked Weather

For the past three days it hasn’t gotten above freezing here in the Portland area. Today it barely made it up to 35°.  I call that a waste of cold weather. We have a wet, mild climate and don’t get … Continue reading

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Six Things on Sunday

The weather: So far in March we’ve had 5 days of temperatures above normal, 1 day at normal, and 16 days below normal. This has pretty much been the pattern here in Portland since our big snowstorm in December. I’m … Continue reading

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