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Free eBooks

Are you buying someone a Kindle for Christmas? Hoping to receive one yourself? Get an early start on loading it up with free ebooks by either downloading now or saving these links for later. I know it’s asking a lot … Continue reading

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Home Again, and Another Speedway Promotion

After my trip to Eugene, I came home for the weekend then headed up to Swift Forest Camp on the Lewis River for a few days of camping. I had a great time, but boy did Portland seem big, noisy, … Continue reading

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Scavenger Hunt Winners and Deleted Scenes from Running Wide Open

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the YA Scavenger Hunt yesterday, including our awesome coordinator, Colleen Houck, the authors who provided bonus material and prizes, and the readers and fans who participated. It was a truly amazing event. … Continue reading

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Running Wide Open Around the Internet

Today I’m being interviewed by Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz over on One Writer’s Journey. Monday, my friend and frequent commentor, McKenzie McCann posted this review of Running Wide Open on her blog, and last week fellow author Rachele Alpine highlighted my … Continue reading

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Off to the Races

Last night Bob and I went back to Sunset Speedway to hang out in the pits with Jared and his family. My friends Alice and Beth, along with Beth’s grandson, Terrence, sat in the stands and helped the announcer raffle … Continue reading

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A New Twist on Marketing

Saturday night Bob and I went to Sunset Speedway Park in Banks to watch the races. One of my marketing plans is to sponsor a race car, and Sunset has a class called Tracers, which features cars that follow the … Continue reading

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Running Wide Open Now Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Running Wide Open is now available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, my Lightning Source account has been set up, and I’ve finally uploaded the POD files. Within a week I should have the proof, and once that’s approved I’ll … Continue reading

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Running Wide Open Now Available at Smashwords

I really should be out mowing lawns right now, but I got my final cover tweaks done yesterday (I changed the title color to yellow to make it more visible) and this morning I decided to try uploading to Smashwords … Continue reading

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I’m Far Too Tired to Think Up a Title for This Blog Post

I know there have been tumbleweeds blowing around here on the old blog the past couple of weeks. I feel guilty about it. Maybe guilty isn’t the right word, since it really isn’t hurting anyone but me if I don’t … Continue reading

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Cover and Title News for In the Blood

The A to Z Blogging Challenge was a lot of fun, but it’s good to be back in the driver’s seat. I’ve had some exciting developments with my book, In the Blood, which I’ve been waiting to share with you. … Continue reading

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