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I know it’s asking a lot to expect people to take a chance on an unknown author. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of crap out there, and I’ve downloaded my share of it. That’s why I’m offering the first book in each of my series for free. Give one of these books a try, and you’ll become a loyal fan.

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McCall_CVR_SML_LRWhat if the Pacific Northwest seceded from United States? In 2063, it has.

The climate change that’s devastated all but the Northwest corner of the U.S. has been around since before Piper Hall was born. She doesn’t spend much time thinking about it, the secession that created Cascadia, or the closed border, erected to keep out climate refugees. All she wants is to get through high school and earn a degree in medicine so she can pull her family out of poverty. Piper’s sure her little brother’s stories about poor people vanishing are just rumors—until she comes home to an empty house. Losing her future, her family, and her freedom and forced into hiding, Piper has to find a way to get to the bottom of the disappearances. But the only one who can help might be the very boy whose family has displaced her own.

RunningWide_CVR_SMLCody Everett has a temper as hot as the inside of a combustion chamber, and it’s landed him at his uncle’s trailer, a last-chance home before military school. But how can he take the guy seriously when he calls himself Race, eats Twinkies for breakfast, and pals around with rednecks who drive in circles every Saturday night?

What Cody doesn’t expect is for the arrangement to work. Or for Race to become the friend and mentor he’s been looking for all his life. But just as Cody begins to settle in and get a handle on his supercharged temper, a crisis sends his life spinning out of control. Everything he’s come to care about is threatened, and he has to choose between falling back on his old, familiar anger or stepping up to prove his loyalty to the only person he’s ever dared to trust.

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The McCall Initiative Episode 1.1: Deception

Almost a year ago, while my husband and I were driving to a friend’s house, he told me about a story he’d read in the Portland Mercury. According to the article, fifty years from now much of the United States will be devastated by climate change. The Pacific Northwest will remain relatively unchanged in comparison, which will result in an influx of climate refugees.

The first thing that sprang to mind upon hearing this was a similar rush of immigrants to Oregon in the late ’60s and early ’70s, and what Governor Tom McCall said in response. “We want you to visit our State of Excitement often. Come again and again. But for heaven’s sake, don’t move here to live.” This quote was often misrepresented as, “Welcome to Oregon. Now go home,” something I myself believed at the time.

“That sounds like a great set up for a dystopian YA novel,” I said. Within minutes, I had the basic premise outlined. The Pacific Northwest, disgruntled over the population boom, secedes from the United States to form its own country with a closed border. Wealthy Americans want to buy their way in, so poor people begin disappearing off the streets. Naturally, I needed a romantic aspect, but I wanted to give it a twist. I decided my protagonist would be a girl whose family had disappeared, and the love interest would be the boy whose family had displaced hers.

Over the coming weeks, the idea grew to include an existing political movement to form a bioregion called Cascadia, Portland’s MLS soccer team and its rowdy band fans, the Timbers Army, and a rock star-turned-activist who becomes the first president of the new nation. My husband, friends, and fellow writers supplied me with myriad excellent ideas and educated me about the subjects of history, politics, computer science, medicine, and soccer.

Several writers I know have been experimenting with serialized stories, and this idea seemed perfect for that venue. I envision it much like a season of a television series. Each short episode gives you part of the story, with the entire plot-line playing out over a nine book “season.”

After months of work and research, I’m happy to announce that The McCall Initiative, Episode 1.1: Deception is now available. I plan to release the rest of the series at six-week intervals. Each episode will be between 50 and 70 pages long (though episode 2 stubbornly decided it needed to be about 90) or about 15,000 to 25,000 words. I’ve already got additional ideas for a second season. One thing to note is that this series is only going to be available in ebook form.

I realize this is quite a departure from the books of my readers are used to, but I have a little secret to reveal. You guys don’t read my stories because they’re about racing. You read them because of the characters and relationships and emotional connection. Even though The McCall Initiative is a dystopian story set fifty years in the future when the cars drive themselves, I think you’ll enjoy it. Besides the price is right. Each episode is only $1.99.

McCall_CVR_SML_LRWhat if the Pacific Northwest seceded from the United States?

The climate change that’s devastated all but the Northwest corner of the U.S. has been around since before Piper Hall was born. She doesn’t spend much time thinking about it, the secession that created Cascadia, or the closed border, erected to keep out climate refugees. All she wants is to get through high school and earn a medical degree so she can pull her family out of poverty. Piper’s sure her little brother’s stories about poor people vanishing are just rumors—until she comes home to an empty house. Losing her future, her family, and her freedom and forced into hiding, Piper has to find a way to get to the bottom of the disappearances. But the only one who can help might be the very boy whose family has displaced her own.

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Some Updates

It’s been nearly three months since I wrote a blog post. I’ve thought about it a few times, and even went so far as to take voice notes on my walks, but ultimately, cleaning up and posting those ideas seemed like too much work. I’m really burned out. Not just stressed and overworked—which (let’s face it) is sort of my regular operating speed—but totally and utterly fried. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve dropped out of writers groups, turned off most of my Facebook notifications, and given serious thought to dumping my Twitter account. (The main reason I haven’t done this last thing is I’ve been too lazy to make the effort.) I’ve also gotten behind on my blog reading. If I used to come around to your blog and comment, and I haven’t lately, it’s not because I’ve forgotten about you. I just don’t have the energy. I spent a good part of the last year-and-a-half caught up in the social networking/marketing game, and it’s gotten to the point where I practically have an anxiety attack just thinking about that stuff. So I’ve made a lot of changes. I’m not messing with promotion anymore. My social networking (which is practically non-existent) is currently limited to two things—hanging out with friends and conversing with fans. Regardless of how important it might be for writers to promote each other, I just don’t care any more. The only author-related activities I’m willing to take part in are two local critique groups in which I’ve made a great many friendships and … writing. No more teaching, no more blog tours, no more book fairs or public appearances. Even so, I feel stressed.

Partly that’s due to a positive thing. A Shiny New Idea whapped me upside the head last October, and I’ve been trying to juggle that, and my revisions to Redline, ever since. This project has required an enormous amount of research, which of course takes an equally enormous amount of time. I’ll save the details for another blog post, but I do want to update my readers about Redline. I’m just shy of being two-thirds of the way through with my revisions. A lot has come up this winter, slowing my progress, but things are moving more quickly now. I think I can get it to my editor by the middle of March, which means I’ll potentially be able to get the ebook out by mid-April. I don’t want to make any concrete promises because things always come up, but I have two powerful incentives to keep me on track. One is that I really want to get busy on my new project. The other is that the Ides of March will usher in the beginning of landscaping season, and once that happens, I’ll hardly have any time for writing.

While you’re waiting, if you haven’t read Dead Heat, you might want to try that. It’s a little darker than the Full Throttle books, but if the character relationships are what you liked about those stories, I think you’ll enjoy this one as well. I know I’m way behind, and I appreciate your patience. I’ll send out a newsletter to let you know as soon as Redline is finished.

Dead Heat blew me away. It’s a gritty ghost story interwoven with all-too-real subject matter that will make you cry for Alex, ache for Cole, and thank God for Jade. I was invested in these characters’ lives and you will be too.”

~ Stacey Wallace Benefiel, author of the Zellie Wells trilogy

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Spooktacular Interviews: Halloween Spavento

In the month of October, I’m going to be interviewing some characters for new releases with a Halloween/spooky theme. Today I’m interviewing Halloween Spavento, a character from Portland author Lisa Ard’s middle grade book, Saving Halloween.

Hi, Halloween. Welcome to the Tao of Webfoot. Could you tell me a little about your siblings?

Halloween: I don’t have any siblings, at least, none that I know of. I was left on the Spavento family’s doorstep on Halloween night twelve years ago.

Wow. That’s fascinating. I guess I’ll have to read your book to find out the story behind that answer. In my books, one of my characters is known for his insatiable appetite. How about you? What’s your favorite food?

Halloween: That’s a very difficult question to answer because my family is known for their food. My mama’s cookies are tough to beat. But then, Professor makes a great osso buco and risotto. Uncle Fenris roasts lamb to utter perfection.

Sounds delicious. Friendship is also very important to my characters, and I can imagine it must be to you, too. Can you tell me a little about your best friend?

Halloween: Anne Parson is my best, and only, friend. I met Anne in the apple orchard one day. I liked her from the moment I saw her. I don’t think she quite believed me when I said I could turn her nose into a pickle. But, she’s since come around.

A pickle, eh? That’s a handy trick. Okay, Halloween, can you describe for my readers what you look like?

Halloween: Since Uncle Fenris styled my hair for school, my red curls are much tamer. Papa says my creamy, pale skin reminds him of moonlight. I’m pretty active, so I like to wear comfortable, knit clothing – often a black jumper with green tights and black boots or black knit pants with an orange turtleneck.

So how would you spend a typical day?

Halloween: Before I started school with Anne, I studied with Professor at home. Mama likes my help in the kitchen, baking her bewitching cookies. Uncle Fenris tends our flock of sheep, so I’m often out with him in the fields and orchards in the afternoon. Papa rises at night. Our favorite activity is opera night, with lots of singing, dancing and piano playing.

Thank you very much, Halloween. Now I have a question for your author. Lisa, can you tell me something you know about this character that she would never admit?

Lisa Ard: Halloween is much loved by the large, extended Spavento family, but she still needs a friend her own age. It’s a good thing Anne happened along one fall afternoon – or did she just happen along?

Thanks, Halloween and Lisa. I’m sure some of my readers have young family members who would love to read your book.

When book-smart Anne Parson meets Halloween Spavento, she sees exactly what she wants to see — a friend. Halloween waves away trouble, magically silences school bullies and offers Anne unfailing friendship. But, when the Spavento family’s enchanting exploits are exposed, will Anne face her fears and save Halloween? A spellbinding tale of outcasts who find acceptance, a girl who discovers the true meaning of family, and characters who are not always what they seem.

Saving Halloween was a 2012 Kay Snow Award Winner


Connect with Lisa Ard online:
Author website:
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DEAD HEAT is now available

A man who longs for a son and a boy who can’t escape his father’s violence.

Even death can’t break their bond.


Alex is a machine whisperer. He can tell what’s wrong with a broken-down car with a touch. But his gift can’t save him from the brutality of his meth-addict father. For two years, Alex experienced kindness through Cole, his mentor. Now Cole’s dead, and the violence in Alex’s life is escalating.

When Cole reappears as a ghost, Alex clings to the tenuous link. Then he learns Cole might’ve sacrificed his chance to cross over. Jade, the first girl to look beyond Alex’s past, assures him Cole can reach the Other Side—if Alex escapes from his dad. But a previous terrifying attempt has convinced Alex it’s impossible. Unless he can find the courage to try, his friend may be earthbound forever.


Dead Heat blew me away. It’s a gritty ghost story interwoven with all-too-real subject matter that will make you cry for Alex, ache for Cole, and thank God for Jade. I was invested in these characters’ lives and you will be too.”

~ Stacey Wallace Benefiel, author of the Zellie Wells trilogy

I’m excited about this book because not only does it deal with important social issues, like child abuse and the murky waters surrounding how best to deal with it, it also features a main character who struggles with a learning disability. This is a completely different type of book than any of my others. It came about after an agent told me he couldn’t sell Driven because it wasn’t edgy enough. I took my favorite type of story—one about the relationship between a kid and his mentor—and cranked the heat up a few dozen degrees. What if a boy who needed his mentor even more than Cody needed Race suddenly lost him?

I really hope you’ll enjoy it, even though it’s considerably darker than my Full Throttle books. For those of you who prefer paperbacks, I should have that out sometime in November.

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Character Interview with Rachel Sullivan

Today I’m doing a guest post over on Literary Rambles on how to choose your publishing path, so I’ve asked Mark Petruska to let me interview Rachel Sullivan, the protagonist of his book, No Time for Kings, which is currently on sale on Amazon. I hope you enjoy the post!


Hello, readers – Rachel Sullivan here, taking over Lisa’s blog for the day. If my name looks familiar, it’s probably because I’m a reporter for the Portland Journal. My recent story on Earth Fights Back, a radical group of eco-terrorists that had been wreaking havoc throughout the West, made the front pages when I came face-to-face with their brutal leader. If you want to read an account of that, Mark Petruska has written a thriller, No Time For Kings, available for sale through online bookstores everywhere in paperback and e-book formats. If you’ve got a Kindle, it’s only $2.99! It talks about my personal crusade to put a stop to the group while locked in a cat-and-mouse game in which there is only one winner. The critics like it, too; Portland Book Review says, “If a thriller is defined by the strengths of its villain, No Time For Kings is in dastardly hands” and San Francisco Book Review wrote, “Petruska’s debut novel is of a quality not usually seen in self-published books…(it) is engaging and well-written. (His) future as an author looks bright.”

That was a traumatic time for me; I still have nightmares over the ordeal! So I’m going to keep this interview lighthearted and talk about “safer” topics instead.

What is your most notable physical attribute?

My red hair. No, it doesn’t come from a bottle; I’m Irish! I’ve got the freckles to prove it, too. People are also drawn to my green eyes. I’m in decent shape for a woman in her mid-30s, but could definitely work on losing a few pounds. My butt’s too big for my liking. I blame it all on Voodoo Doughnut. Their maple bacon bar is impossible to resist!

Who is your best friend?

My daughter, April. Her father and I divorced years ago, and until my boyfriend Alex came along, we only had each other to rely upon. We love to go shopping and cook meals together, and gossip about people. April is in middle school now, and beginning to feel like she’s too cool to hang around with mom. I hope it’s just a phase! She adores Alex, by the way. That has been a real balancing act, considering he was her 6th grade teacher!

What is your biggest fear?

That Alex will fall off the wagon. He’s a recovering alcoholic, and sometimes struggles with his desires for booze. But he’s doing great, and instead of wine, we drink lots of grape soda or sparkling cider.

What is your greatest flaw?

I will go to extremes to champion a cause I believe in, occasionally putting myself in harm’s way without thinking things through clearly. I blame that on my Irish heritage. I’m very passionate and have a fiery determination, a combination of traits that means I’ll never back down from a fight – for better or worse.

What is your deepest regret?

Marrying Paul. Not only did he turn out to be a lying cheat, but he wasn’t even original. He’s a lawyer who ended up bedding his paralegal. How cliché! Having said that, if I hadn’t married Paul, I never would have had April. That softens the blow quite a bit.

Where were you born?

Right here in Portland! I’ve lived here my whole life, and love it. The people are friendly, the air is clean, the scenery is amazing, and the politics are liberal. What more could a gal ask for?

What is in your refrigerator right now?

Uh-oh! {Laughs nervously}. Grape soda and day-old Voodoo Doughnuts? No, I’m kidding. I’m sure there are some fantastic leftovers that Alex whipped up. Probably something with chanterelle mushrooms or truffle oil. He’s the cook in the family! I can barely boil water.

What’s in your immediate future?

A pedicure, hopefully! I haven’t pampered myself in ages. We’re planning a camping trip this weekend. April has never slept in a tent! I’d prefer a cabin myself, but Alex is all about “roughing it,” so we’ll go ahead and let him have his back-to-the-wilderness weekend…but next time it’s the Hilton!

There’s also a new story unfolding that I’m working on. A new drug has hit the streets of Portland, and is turning into an epidemic. We’re not sure how it’s making its way into the city right under the noses of law enforcement. There’s rumor of a connection to the old Shanghai Tunnels underground. I’m going to look into that. If it turns into anything big, maybe Mark Petruska will end up writing another book!

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Late Summer Serenade

I’m having a hard time letting go of summer this year. Usually by early September, I’m anticipating fall. I’m looking forward to the change in seasons, the coming rain, the holidays. But this year, it seems like summer’s ending too soon. I think part of that is because I missed some of my August rituals. We humans seem to need that sort of marker to process the passage of time.

With the exception of the past two sultry days, the mornings have been cooler lately, the warmth of the afternoon lingering for only a few brief hours. The darkness is coming too early, catching me by surprise and making me feel sleepy when it’s only eight o’clock. I’m just not ready to let go of the warmth and sunlight quite yet. I’m not ready for this change.

I took a walk last night in the it’s-still-80-degrees-at-10 o’clock darkness. I wanted to feel the balmy air on my bare legs and arms, experience those odd areas of warmth that hover along certain spots in the road. I had to hear the crickets singing their summer serenade and a train wailing in the distance. I didn’t want to go inside because I knew a few short weeks from now, days like this would be lost to us forever, or at least until next July. I needed to soak up every whisper of the season, revel in each nuance—etch it indelibly into my memory, so I could pull it out in January and relive it all over again. I wanted to lay down on the still-warm concrete of my driveway and look up at the stars. Because they’ll soon be cloaked in clouds, and the night will be longer than the day. And the rains will come again.


And now, your “Moment of Wee.”

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Staycation Update and DEAD HEAT Cover Reveal

My staycation is over, and it didn’t work out the way I’d hoped. That’s probably because instead of relaxing or getting out of town, I spent the entire time working on Dead Heat. The good news is, I got halfway through my edits. The bad news is, I ignored everything else I wanted to get caught up on, so when I went back to landscaping a little over a week ago, I was plunged into a stress-a-thon trying to get it all done. The lesson I’ve taken away from this is that it’s impossible to balance everything. My only hope is to eliminate and streamline as much as I can.

The big news today is that I have a cover for my stand-alone book, Dead Heat. Steven Novak, who’s done a lot of the Indelibles covers, put this together for me. Pretty awesome, huh?

I haven’t written my sales copy yet, so I can’t give you a knock-your-socks-off description. Basically, the story is about what happens when a dead man risks his chance at a peaceful afterlife to protect the boy who’s become like a son to him from his violent, meth-addict father. It’s really dark, edgy, and intense. In fact, my whole reason for writing it was to spite an agent who said he couldn’t sell Driven because teens wouldn’t buy books that weren’t edgy. In a weird, twisted way, I really owe that guy. Dead Heat is the best thing I’ve ever written. If I had another week off, I could probably have it ready for my copy editors. As it is, I expect I’ll be able to release it sometime in October.

So how does this fit into the Full Throttle series? It doesn’t. I still have hopes to get book 4, Redline, out this year, but Dead Heat was closer to being ready for publication, so I decided to work on it first. I hope all of you who are waiting for Redline will bear with me.

The other thing I’m working on, when I have time, is nailing down my brand a bit better. I’ve been wanting to put a website together, but I needed some ideas to get started. Indelible and branding expert Ali Cross helped me hammer out a tagline, and I’m working on getting a logo designed. I’m really excited about moving forward on this because I have all kinds of bonus material I want to present when I publish Dead Heat, and the free WordPress format is pretty limiting. One of my goals for this year is more interaction with readers so I can make my fictional worlds come alive. Now that I’ve figured out what doesn’t work as an indie author, it’s time to cast all that aside and start working on the fun stuff.

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A Time for Re-evaluation

Today is August 20, one year, seven months, and sixteen days since I began to entertain the idea of self-publishing. One year, two months and eighteen days since I took the plunge by uploading my first book to Smashwords. I feel like I’ve been running wide open ever since (no pun intended). That’s a long time to be operating at full throttle, and let me tell you, it’s exhausting. I’m out of fuel and looking at ways to change things so I can slow down a little and do more of what I enjoy. Part of this process is looking back at the last year and a half and evaluating what I’ve learned and how I can do things differently now. I know some of what works and what doesn’t. I’ve set goals and achieved them.

Most of my goals over the past year had to do with teaching. I wanted to present at an SCBWI event and wrangled my way into two, the spring conference and the summer picnic. I wanted to teach at a community college and did so both winter and spring terms through Gladstone school, which operates under the Clackamas Community College continuing education program. I wanted to present at the Willamette Writers Conference, and submitted three potential workshops. The one on ebook formatting was selected. One of my main reasons for teaching was to become respected as a person of authority on the subject of indie publishing in the Portland area. I accomplished that.

But when I look back on all of this, it’s hard to feel any real sense of satisfaction. I think that’s a product of being so stressed and exhausted. There’s no room in my schedule for reflection or enjoyment. When one task is accomplished, it’s time to get onto the next thing because there’s absolutely no way to get everything done, even if I never take a break. I’ve always been known for trying to stuff ten pounds into a five pound bag, but since I started this indie thing, I feel like I have to cram an additional five pounds in there. It’s absolutely insane. That brings me to having to do things differently.

I started my indie voyage with research, and that research led me to believe that certain things are necessary, like marketing and platform building and networking. I did tons of this, both online and in person, and I really wore myself out, not to mention learned to resent just about all of it. But the number one thing I’ve discovered is that indie publishing is still a young industry that hasn’t shaken itself out. The collection of data we have to show whether or not something works is so small it’s not an accurate scientific sample. What we take for a cause and effect relationship may, in fact, be coincidence. Beyond that, what works for one person doesn’t work for another, and what’s successful for one book might not be for subsequent books. The people who’ve been doing this longer than I have all say the same thing: the best marketing you can do, the best use of your time, the best way to get noticed, is to write your next book.

But every time I try to evaluating my life, what’s working and what isn’t, what I want to do and what I don’t, I draw blank. I look at the things I’m doing and it doesn’t seem that there’s anything I can cut. I can’t ignore my landscaping clients, and if somebody new calls me, it would be irresponsible to turn them down. I can’t say no to the favors I’m doing, because even though I’m not getting paid for them, they’re trade, and later on I’m going to need the services those people have to offer. I can’t stop writing because—well that’s the whole point of this venture, not to mention, my passion. Where do I find time for the things I want to do—build a website, connect with my readers online, update my blog so it’s visually what I want it to be? And where do I find time for the things I’ve been neglecting the past year, like visiting other people’s blogs, socializing with my friends on Facebook—and most importantly—writing the kinds of funny or emotionally stirring blog posts I used to write. I feel like there’s so much noise in my life, I’ve neglected the things that truly matter to me. And I’m not sure how to get back to where I was.

Normally I take a break around this time that helps me reset myself. But this year, I canceled my usual four-day jaunt to Eugene and the camping trip I take in late August, because I’m afraid to be away from Wee Cat that long. He’s doing really well, for those of you who are wondering, but because he got sick so suddenly last time, and because, several years ago, my cat Newt died while I was on vacation, I just can’t bear to leave him overnight. So what I’ve done is given myself a staycation. I’m taking time off to write and reevaluate things. I’m not sure how it’s going to work out, since I’m already four days into my time off and still feel like I’ll never get caught up with all the things I’ve been neglecting over the summer, but at least I’m making progress on Dead Heat.

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Guest Post: Happy Belated Birthday, Dream Smashers by Angela Carlie

Today I’m doing an interview over on One Writer’s Journey to celebrate Christmas in July. Meanwhile, Angela Carlie is doing a guest post here to reveal her new cover. Take it away, Angela …


Dream Smashers celebrated her first birthday all alone in March. I’m a horrible book parent and didn’t even throw her a party. To make up for it, I gave her a facelift. I hope she likes it. And I hope her readers like it, too.

Take a look. Isn’t she pretty?

Dream Smashers has needed a new cover for a while now. It’s an important story, but often gets overlooked. The original cover, which I love, wasn’t sitting well with the readers. It even was nominated for a most ugly cover list over on Goodreads. The second cover was an experiment, something I whipped up myself, and not very professional.  I believe this new cover captures the emotion of the story, but also has appeal for the readers. I adore it!

About Dream Smashers:
Letting go is hard to do, but sometimes, it’s all you can do.
Sixteen-year-old Autumn is a human heartache. Everywhere she turns people are stomping on her hopes and dreams. Her mom’s a tweaker. She’s lived with her chain-smoking grandmother for as long as she can remember. Even her best friend has issues. Autumn seems to be the only responsible person she knows and she’s sick of putting up with it all.

When she meets Evan, a hot guy without a worry in the world, she can only wonder if he’s for real or just another Dream Smasher.

A girl who no longer wants to care and a boy who cares enough for the both of them. Dream Smashers is a love story, but most of all, it’s about letting go.

Thanks to my good friend, Megg Jensen, for inspiring me to get ‘er done, and Rashelle Workman who referred Megg who then referred me to the cover artisan Steven Novak. Go check him out. He’s awesome.

Dream Smashers is available on Amazon Kindle and wherever else eBooks are sold.  It may take a day or two for the new version to be available.

So tell me, do you like it?

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