Character Interview: Fane of Channeler’s Choice

Heather McCorkle, author of The Secret of Spruce Knoll, has just released the sequel, Channeler’s Choice, and I’m happy to be part of her blog tour. Today I’ll be interviewing Fane, one of her characters.

TTW: So Fane, I see that you and your dad have moved to America. Did it bother you to uproot from Romania to America for a cousin you’d never met?

Fane: Definitely not, I was delighted! I love Romania, but I love America too. It has always fascinated me and the chance to experience its culture is a privilege. Besides, my cousin is precious to me and I’d do anything for her.

TTW: So Eren must mean a lot to you. How is that since you just recently met?

Fane: We channelers bond to the Society we are meant to be in almost upon meeting them. Not only is Eren an amazing, giving person, but I instantly knew she was my Rector.

TTW: Okay, so now you have to tell us what a Rector is, for those who haven’t read your story yet.

Fane: Rectors are leaders of channeler Societies. They are the strongest among us, they protect us, and lead us.

TTW: In your short appearance in the first novel you gained a lot of fans. I know those fans are dying to know, will we learn more about you and see more of you in Channeler’s Choice?

Fane: You will indeed. I plan on staying by Eren and Aiden’s sides. Someone has to keep those two in check. 😉

TTW: Fane, for those who haven’t read about you, can you tell us a bit about what channelers are exactly?

Fane: We’re human, just like you. In fact, anyone can be a channeler, our families have just nurtured the ability where others have forgotten it exists. We channel energy into a physical force and can use it to push, pull, and either fight or heal with.


If you’d like to read a short story from Fane’s point of view to get to know him better, you can find it in the Indelibles anthology, In His Eyes, Available FREE at Smashwords. Also, to celebrate the release of Channeler’s Choice, Heather is doing a giveaway with six great books that you can win. You can enter here:

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2 Responses to Character Interview: Fane of Channeler’s Choice

  1. Thanks for having Eren over Lisa! It was a pleasure visiting.


  2. Lisa Nowak says:

    It was a pleasure to feature you and Fane, Heather. 🙂


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