Webfoot Publishing’s New Release, Scattered Pieces by Alice Lynn

Lots of exciting stuff is happening these days. First, Webfoot Publishing, the company I formed to handle my series, has just published its second author, Alice Lynn. Many of you who know me also know Alice. She’s my close friend and critique partner, as well as an awesome writer. I have no intentions of becoming a publisher in the traditional sense, but I did want to do a little more than just release my own writing, and Alice is the perfect person to work with. She published her first book Wrenn: Egypt House through Inkwater Press a few years ago, then released Volunteer for Glory in March through Puddletown. Both books are historical fiction with a love story aspect, though not technically romance. Her latest book, Scattered Pieces, is women’s fiction set in the ’50s and ’60s. Here’s the description.

When Katie’s little brother is snatched in 1946 it tears her family apart. It’s only through her friendship with the irrepressible Marilyn, and Marilyn’s handsome brother Tom, that she navigates a lonely childhood. In college, studying psychology helps Katie understand her mother’s mental illness and her own fears. And it leads to a client who may know something about her brother’s disappearance.

Scattered Pieces retails for $2.99 in ebook form at your favorite online retailers. The print version will be available in time for Christmas. If you’d like to read the book and would be willing to let us know of any typos you find, I’ll send you a free copy. Just leave a comment below. While publishing Running Wide Open, I discovered that no matter how many edits and copy edits you enlist, typos always sneak through. I decided that with future books I’d put the ebook version out first to get more sets of eyes on it and catch these glitches before I paid for a POD proof.

In other news, I’m going to be part of the Rain Boots Required YA Author Tour in October. Stacey Wallace Benefiel, Angela Carlie, and Rebecca Knight, all YA indie authors from the Portland area, will also be involved. We’ll be making the following stops:

  • October 1st, Cover to Cover Books, Vancouver, WA
  • October 7th, West Linn Library, West Linn, OR
  • October 17th, Interzone, Inc. Corvallis, OR
  • October 20th, Beaverton Library, Beaverton, OR
  • October 22nd, A Children’s Place Bookstore, Portland, OR

We’ll also be at Wordstock, though not all at the same booth, as I’ll be sharing a space with my friend Laura Marshal, the founder of The Starving Writer. Alice will be there as well.

For times and addresses of the Rain Boots Required YA Author Tour, see our Facebook page.

Finally, I’ve been out and about on the web, doing an interview on Shay Fabbro’s blog and posting an excerpt of Running Wide Open on YA author Patti Larsen’s blog. Check them out if you get a chance.

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21 Responses to Webfoot Publishing’s New Release, Scattered Pieces by Alice Lynn

  1. Alice Lynn says:

    Since Lisa led off her blog with news about Scattered Pieces, I guess it’s fair that I should make the first comment. 🙂 Thank you, Lisa, for all your help, friendship, support (technical and personal), and for taking the plunge with publishing Scattered Pieces. I don’t know what else to add, except to say that Lisa’s book, RWO, is promising to be a huge success, and I know she’ll be her usual informative and fascinating self at the Rain Boots Required YA October Book Tour! Mark one of those days on your calendar and you won’t be disappointed.


  2. Rose Lefebvre says:

    I have Lisa’s book, as well as Volunteer for Glory by Alice. Somehow I have missed out on Wrenn, but plan to rectify that! Lisa is off and running! Congratulations to all of my author friends!


  3. macrush53 says:

    I would be happy to read for typos. Sounds like an interesting book.


  4. Oh my god, Wordstock! When is it? I meant to go last year but only heard about it a week after it already left. I really should mark that on my calender.


  5. Beth says:

    I’m reading Scattered Pieces now. So far haven’t found any typos. I’ve read it more than once in draft, and highly recommend it to anyone no matter what genre they prefer. And I’m thoroughly enjoying the published ebook.


  6. Roxie says:

    Lisa, you are an amazing woman, and your work totally rocks!


  7. Angela says:

    I would love to read for typos, sounds like it will be a very interesting story. But I will order from B&N, so don’t send me a free copy, I don’t know how to change it over for my Nook anyway. 😉

    Alic, if you read this, congrats, sounds like another great one.


    • Lisa Nowak says:

      Ang, I think you’ll really enjoy Alice’s book. Thank you for the offer to read for typos. Don’t worry about giving me a chapter number or anything like that, just tell me enough of the sentence that I can find it by doing a search in Word, and let me know what’s wrong with it.


  8. Angela says:

    Sorry Alice I forgot the E in your name. And it’s actually something I know how to spell. 🙂 Love you both, I am looking forward to the book.


  9. Yowza. Lisa! It’s a good thing the rains are a’coming–between your landscaping work and writing/ publishing, you must be burning the candle at both ends. Here’s hoping that during the winter months you’ll have time to get back to the habit of sleep–which you must have given up to get so much done.


  10. Congratulations on the book release! And ye gods, typos. It’s amazing how many different people can look through a manuscript (even those paid to do so) and catch so many little things, and yet ONE MORE TYPO manages to elude everyone. It is to weep.

    Have a great tour!


    • Lisa Nowak says:

      Thanks, Chris. I’m really enjoying every aspect of being an indie author. Publishing this second book for Alice has been a lot of fun. But yeah, the typo thing will kill you. With Getting Sideways I’ve been using this free program called Word Talk that reads your document to you. I’ve caught a lot of missing words and typos that way. If you’re interested, just Google “Word Talk” and follow the instructions. It’s also great for hearing where the language is clunky. And it’s much easier than reading the stuff out loud.


  11. Barb says:

    You’ve been so busy lately. Congrats with the launch of Scattered Pieces, may this free up some time to get to your list. We’ll be waiting to hear how your travels went.


  12. Orice Klaas says:

    Be sure and let us know when your interview is posted on uTube. I can’t wait!


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