Run: A Guest Post by Patti Larsen

Today I have a guest post from YA author Patti Larsen. She’s giving us a teaser of her YA book, Run, and it looks like it’s going to be a winner. Thanks for joining me today, Patti. I wish you the best of luck with your series.

Thank you so much, Lisa, for hosting me! I’m thrilled to be here, releasing my new book, Run, the first part of The Hunted series.

I’m a massive dark paranormal fan with a twist toward thrillers and horror. I love this whole series and can’t wait to release the other three books:

  • Hide-September 1st
  • Fight-September 15th
  • Hunt-October 1st

I’m getting back some amazing reviews from readers already–I hope you enjoy this taste of the book:

Reid gathers himself for another moment before trying to walk. It’s surprisingly easy considering what he’s gone through. His feet have recovered enough he can feel the roughness of the path through his sneakers. Reid is grateful his captors didn’t do any permanent damage. A broken bone or two would have made what he is trying much harder, if not impossible. But he is in relatively good shape, a natural athlete, and figures with enough time and rest he’ll find his way out.

After a few staggered steps, he gets his stride back and heads down the path. The moon is behind him, lighting his way, casting his shadow forward and to the left. He knows that means he is traveling in a certain direction, can hear his father telling him about it, but can’t concentrate on it and lets it be. Not like it matters much, anyway. He has no intention of needing that information. The path should take him where he needs to go.

Reid stumbles over a large root dividing the path and takes a sudden fall to the left. His hand instinctively reaches out for support and finds the bark of a tree. It saves him from falling, the hand that caught it sliding over the coarse coating of moss and loose wood. As it does, he feels a change in the contact. Something soft protrudes from the trunk. He turns to look, eyes settling on the moonlit gaze of a boy.

It takes Reid a moment to register and another to process. The kid is as tall as he is, but looks a lot younger. His eyes are wide open, staring, glaring. There is something wrong with the front of his shirt. Reid takes in the blank stare, fingers still traveling over the boy’s clothing until they come to rest on the large, dark patch over the kid’s stomach. Wetness resides there. Reid pulls his hand back and looks. The liquid is black in the moonlight but has a distinctive aroma. Coppery. And now that he is paying attention, he notices another smell. A heavy and angry scent that makes his nose constrict, his stomach flutter, his mind shriek in fear even as he looks down and notices the boy’s sneakers are a good foot off the ground.

The kid smells like road kill, like some squashed skunk or car-flattened raccoon left too long in the sun. Reid backs away in a hurry, slips on something slimy underfoot, stumbles and falls, not noticing the impact, eyes locked on the gaping wound in the boy’s stomach. Someone is screaming into the darkness. When he realizes it’s him, Reid shuts down. His own belly lurches, tries to expel something, anything, but only bile comes up. Reid hastily wipes his fingers on the ground, desperate to get the boy’s blood off of him. It seems very important for some reason.

The kid is pinned to the tree trunk with what looks like big metal spikes. He dangles there, a sick and twisted art project, thought up by a madman.

About the Author: Patti Larsen is a middle grade, young adult and adult author with a passion for the paranormal. She also writes a great deal of horror for someone who is afraid of the dark. She lives on the East Coast of Canada with her very patient husband, Scott, and four massive cats.

You can find Run HERE and HERE .

Interested in finding out more?

and on

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11 Responses to Run: A Guest Post by Patti Larsen

  1. Alice Lynn says:

    Run sounds like an exciting horror/adventure tale. I’m curious to know if the “teaser” printed here is an actual excerpt from the book.


  2. Bethiem says:

    Ick. Shivery. I probably won’t read this (not into horror at all), but she sure had my attention. Well written teaser. I’m like Alice, wondering if this is an actual excerpt. Well done, Patti.


  3. alberta ross says:

    scary and dark – could be tempted


  4. Angela Brown says:

    Oh wow, that really pulled me right into it and startled me with that madman’s “art project”.


  5. Well, for starters I love the cover. It’s perfect for the genre and tone.

    That teaser made my skin crawl without upsetting my stomach! It’s a very important quality when it comes to paranormal horror. I wish you luck.


  6. Barb says:

    Yeah, me too. What a great cover. What a devious mind.


  7. Love the Gothic lettering, and this is definitely an attention-grabbing premise!


  8. I’m adding this to my TBR list, especially since I’m currently working on a YA horror book. 😀


  9. Lisa Nowak says:

    Thanks, everyone, for welcoming Patti and commenting on her excerpt. 🙂


  10. alberta ross says:

    nice one or should that be nasty one!! def. a grab you one – well done


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