Y and Z

Today we wrap up the A to Z challenge, and I couldn’t decide on who should handle the last two letters of the alphabet, so I’m letting everyone get involved. Those of you who have been following this month will remember most of my characters from previous posts. This time, however, Jess’s friend Teri Sue, a driver in the Street Stock class and a transplant from North Carolina, wanted to join in as well.

Teri Sue: That’s cuz I heard Race was gonna take his shirt off.

Cody: Really? You’re going to take your shirt off, Race?

Race: I’m not taking my shirt off.

Cody: Why not? You’ve gotta give those cougars in the 21st century a little eye candy.

Teri Sue: What’s a cougar?

Cody: An older woman who goes after a younger guy.

Teri Sue: No kidding? Where’d y’all hear that one?

Cody: I read it on the internet. Y’know, I’ve got to agree with Jess. The technology of the future is pretty cool.

Jess: That’s just wrong.

Cody: What? The internet? I thought you were into it.

Jess: Not the internet, the term “cougar.” Older guys have been chasing younger women for years and nobody’s bothered to make up a special name for it.

Kasey: I agree. What’s so bad about an older woman taking interest in a younger man? How is that any different than an older man taking interest in a younger woman?

Cody: Wow, Kasey, that’s awfully open-minded of you considering that half of the women reading this post want to rip Race’s clothes off.

Teri Sue: I’ll help with that.

Cody: Oooh, Teri Sue’s gonna get her ass kicked.

Kasey: No she isn’t. I’d have to be pretty insecure to worry about what other woman are saying about my boyfriend. Besides, if he’s that easily tempted, there’s not much I can do about it.

Race: Who said I was tempted? How did we even get started on this topic?

Cody: Ha! You’re totally blushing, dude. What’s the matter, can’t you handle being a sex symbol to the AARP crowd of the future?

Jess: Jeeze, Cody, don’t you ever give Race a break? It’s a wonder he’s put up with you this long.

Cody: Not really. Not when you consider my wit and charm.

Race: Aren’t we supposed to be talking about racing terminology?

Kasey: That’s right. I believe the next letter is “Y.” Does anybody have a “Y” word?

Teri Sue: I do. The good ol’ rebel yell:  Yee haw!

Cody: That’s not a racing term.

Teri Sue: Sure it is. Y’all can’t get more southern than a rebel yell, and the south is where stock car racing was born.

Jess: I’ll buy that.

Kasey: Me, too. Let’s wrap this up so can get out to the track.

Teri Sue: Where I’ll ceremoniously kick Cody’s butt.

Cody: In your dreams.

Kasey: Enough! How about a “Z” word?

Cody: I’ll handle this one. Zigzag. Also known as “weaving,”

Race: Which is another “W” word you could have used the other day if you hadn’t been so hung up on wedge.

Cody: The general populous needed to be educated about wedge. It’s a very important concept. Now, zigzagging is when drivers weave back and forth across the track to warm up the tire tread so it’ll stick better. And it also knocks off all the junk that collects on the tires when they’re hot.

Jess: Actually, that’s not entirely accurate.

Cody: What do you mean it’s not accurate?

Jess: You’re not warming up the tread so it’ll stick to the track. You’re warming the tire carcasses by flexing the sidewalls. The tires have to be up to temp for the car to handle properly. Heat increases air pressure, which changes the diameter of the tires and affects cornering.

Cody: Are you kidding me?

Kasey: Actually, she’s right.

Teri Sue: Seriously. Doesn’t everyone know that?

Race: I do.

Cody: Race, just shut up and take your shirt off before Roxie, Beth, and Alice fall asleep.

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14 Responses to Y and Z

  1. Alice Lynn says:

    I’m beginning to think this cast of characters should go on the road as a comedy team. They totally crack me up. Thank you, Cody, for remembering that AARP vintage cougars can suffer from unintended naps and shirt attention—I mean short attention spans. Of course, Race, you can test this by, umm, removing the garment mentioned in the name of scientific research.


  2. Rose says:

    This is funny. I feel like I am really listening in on your characters. I like to think of a cougar as a strong pussy cat! Someone has to come up with a new title which describes a woman who has become educated enough to know how to handle herself (in many aspects besides sexual), knows what she likes, can give direction (yes, right there…use imaginations), and also knows what to do…


  3. Rose says:

    I am still a kitten…need education! Lol


  4. Beth says:

    Me fall asleep? Not on your… ZZZZZZ. Ungh! Um, where am I? Oh yeah. Back in the past before I turned into AARP Woman.

    Thanks guys. It’s been a really informative month. I learned a few racing terms, got to know all my fave characters a little better, and even met a new one. Alex, I hope to hear more from you as Lisa finishes your story. Oops. Noelle is tapping her foot. I need to get back to work on her story.


  5. I want to read about Race taking his shirt off. I’m about his age, and therefore not a cougar.


    • Lisa Nowak says:

      Actually, McKenzie, Race is Cody’s uncle, and he’s 25. Cody’s the one who’s your age. But please don’t encourage him to take his shirt off. He’d do it in a heartbeat, and the way my luck’s been going lately I’d get arrested for posting a photo of a half-dressed minor on my blog.


  6. angela says:

    I am sorry to see this at an end, it was great fun! I am also sorry that it took me so long to read the last one. Busy weekend and Monday. 🙂


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