V, W, and X, by Race and Cody

For today’s A to Z challenge, we have Race and Cody, back by popular demand.

Race: Popular demand?

Cody:  Because we’re so damn funny, dude.

Lisa: That’s right. So what have you got for me today, guys?

Cody: Well, we’re starting out with the letter “V.” I’ll let you take that one, Race.

Race: Uh huh. Right. Because there is no racing word for “V.”

Cody: Sure there is. Victory Lane.

Race: Not exactly something we have at Eugene.

Cody: So? It’s still “V.”

Race: All right. Victory Lane is where the winner of the race parks the car to celebrate.  At Eugene, guys just pretty much pull up to the start/finish line to receive their trophy and get their picture taken.

Cody: See, there you go. Now wasn’t that was simple?

Race: You only gave me “V” so you could have “W.”

Cody: Right, and that’s your own fault for trying to steal all the good “W” words last time.

Race: Kid, there are a million “W” words. You could take your pick.

Cody: Yeah, but I want wedge.

Race: Uh huh. And you got your wish. Now give us a definition.

Cody: Wedge is when you turn one of the weight jacks—which Race so eloquently described the other day—to add weight to a wheel of a car. By transferring weight from one wheel to another, you can change how the car handles. Say the car is loose. You’d “add a round of wedge” by tightening the weight jack at the left rear. That would put more weight on that wheel and the right front, and at the same time take it away from the right rear and left front.

Race: Not bad. I guess you really have been paying attention to what I tell you.

Cody: Actually, it was Jess who taught me that. Okay, your turn. Let’s have an “X” word.

Race: Uh … yeah. Now I know why you wanted “W.”

Cody: Yup, I had an ulterior motive. You’re just jealous because you didn’t think of it first. So what have you got for “X?”

Race: Nothing. There is no “X.”

Cody: I know an “X” word.

Race: Then why were you so hot to have “W?”

Cody: I didn’t want to give you the burden of having to choose between all those “W” words.

Race: Uh huh. So if you’re so altruistic, how about helping me out with “X?”

Cody: I can’t do that, dude.

Race: And why not?

Cody: It would cause a rift in the space-time continuum. Life as we know it would cease to exist. Dinosaurs would reclaim the earth.

Race: Dinosaurs?

Cody: Well, maybe hamsters.

Race: Okay, I thought of an “X” word.

Cody: Well, what is it?

Race: Xanax. Which is what I’m gonna need if I keep doing these guest posts with you.

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14 Responses to V, W, and X, by Race and Cody

  1. I love these posts…I’m sorry to see we’re getting near the end of the alphabet!


    • Lisa Nowak says:

      Thanks, Chris. Actually, I’m kind of glad we’re getting to the end of the alphabet. Posting twice a week during the spring landscaping season is tough. Not to mention I have a few of my own announcements I’d like to blog about.


  2. Beth says:

    X is also for X-treme. Cody is sometimes an X-treme pain in the ass. And is also used for certain sports that test the participants above and beyond. Does stock car racing have any X-treme components?


    • Lisa Nowak says:

      I’m sure there’s some sort of racing that has X-treme components, Beth, but certainly not back in Race and Cody’s time. Race would agree with you about Cody being an X-treme pain in the ass, though.


  3. Roxie says:

    Cody, you are such a tease. Race, you are der hunkster!


  4. Alice Lynn says:

    Cody is incorrigible, Race feeds off him, and Lisa eggs them both on. So who’s going to do Y and Z? You can bet I’ll be checking that out.


  5. Ha, this has to be my favorite so far. Race and Cody’s dynamic is actually kind of cute, in an odd way. They seem to enjoy poking fun at each other in a way that makes it seem like they’re agreeing.


  6. A lot of bloggers were having problems with these letters. But no one had such a funny post. 😀


  7. Angela says:

    I love you Cody and Race. You both always make my day. Oh, love you too Sis, thanks for another good morning.


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