G, H, and I, by Cody Everett

For Today’s A to Z Blogging Challenge post I’ve recruited Cody Everett, the protagonist of In the Blood, which is the first book I’ll be publishing this summer. Cody’s going to take over where Alex left off, defining a few racing terms for you.

Cody: This isn’t exactly my idea of the ideal way to spend a Sunday morning, but I was told there would be pizza involved if I cooperated, so I’ll give it a shot. Let’s see … “G” is for…. Wow, this is harder than I thought. I mean, there’s a lot of “G” words I could use, like “green flag” or “gas,” but everybody already knows what those mean. Okay, how about “girlfriend” since that was such a big deal for me in my second book. Can I use that?

Lisa: Since when is “girlfriend” a racing term?

Cody: Ah, hell. Okay. Well, how about “git-r-done?”

Lisa: Nope, that one’s ahead of your time. Your stories take place in the early ’90s, remember?

Cody: Yeah. Thanks for abandoning me in the land before cyberspace.

Lisa: You’ve got cyberspace. Technically. The Internet was invented way back in the ’70s. Just ask Al Gore.

Cody: I can’t. He hasn’t been elected yet.

Lisa: Oh, right.

Cody: Okay, getting back to “G,” how about “grommet”?

Lisa: Too generic.

Cody: Gas line?

Lisa: You’re getting silly now.

Cody: Yeah? Well, this sucks. Who’s idea was it anyway? They don’t even have blogs in my time.

Lisa: C’mon, Cody. You’re the wordsmith. If Alex can do it, you can, too.

Cody: All right, all right. “G” is for Getting Sideways. That’s my second story. It should be out sometime this year. “H” is for hell. That’s what I’m going through right now. “I” is for insolence, something I get accused of on a regular basis.

Lisa: Cody…. Don’t make me kill off any of your friends.

Cody: Fine! Can I talk about stuff we use on the smaller tracks, or does it have to be things they use in Winston Cup, or Nextel Cup, or Sprint Cup, or whatever the hell they’re calling it this week?

Lisa: Local tracks will be fine.

Cody: Okay. “G” is for gas gauge. The reason that’s important is you don’t run them in race cars. “H” is for helmet. You want a good one—trust me on that.  “I” is for ignition switch. Race cars don’t have keys, so you use a starter button and an ignition switch instead. Is that good enough?

Lisa (sighing): I guess. But next time I expect a little more eloquence out of you.

Cody: You’ve got it, boss. Can I have my pizza now?

Lisa: I’m dialing Track Town as we speak. On my cell phone. You might have one in about ten years.

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19 Responses to G, H, and I, by Cody Everett

  1. This is so funny!

    Cody is quite an unruly character. I just met one of those I am about to write into my book.


  2. Elisabeth Miles says:

    Wow. Cody at a loss for words. Who’da thunk? I can’t wait until Race pipes up.


  3. I thought your comments about events that hadn’t happened in the 90’s very funny. You really seem to have your MC’s voice down to a science. It has a nice fleck of awkward that makes him seem realistic.


    • Lisa Nowak says:

      Thanks, McKenzie. Voice is fun to play with, but it’s one of those things in my own books that I’m not sure where it’s coming from. Some elements of writing can be taken apart scientifically, but others are more nebulous. It’s hard to define why they’re working or explain how to duplicate them.


  4. Roxie says:

    If you’re going to stick exclusivvely to racing terms, then I want to be sure to catch you for Q. Meanwhile, this is a brilliant bog post. Really makes me want to read the books and meet this guy.


  5. Hello Cody! I’m thinking there’s a story behind your helmet comment. When did you say your first book is coming out?


    • Lisa Nowak says:

      Cody doesn’t really know when his first book is coming out because I’m not even sure yet. Still working out a schedule. I think maybe the end of May or beginning of June, but I have a few more things to take care of before I can commit.


  6. Angela says:

    Wow, I get on, thinking I am going to have another Alex and what do I get my second favorite character, Race being my first. HI Cody, miss you being in my head, but I think Jess needs you more then me. 🙂


    • Lisa Nowak says:

      Ang, it’s nice of you to share Cody with Jess. She appreciates it. 🙂 Race will have something to say soon enough. He’s helping out with Thursday’s post, then next week he’ll have one of his own.


  7. Alice Lynn says:

    I have a quarrel with your comment program. I left a comment on the 10th but where did it go? So, at the risk of double commenting, I’ll say that Cody never lets you down. He always has a smart remark to keep you on your toes; and what a treat to listen to you going toe-to-toe with the master of ad lib humor.


  8. Hey, Cody! Nice job. You may be stuck in the 90s, but at least your friend didn’t get killed off. 🙂


    • Lisa Nowak says:

      Yeah, I took it easy on Cody compared to Alex. What Alex doesn’t know is that the reason his life is so hard is that an agent told me he couldn’t sell my books because they weren’t edgy enough. So I wrote an edgy book. I won’t name that agent, but he’s completely responsible for all Alex’s suffering. 🙂


  9. EJ Wesley says:

    Great dialogue again, Lisa! I’ve got no beef with your comment program, btw. 🙂


  10. momaescriva says:

    Clever idea, Lisa. It kinda gives your characters more depth.


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