You Can’t Teach an Old Blog New Tricks

So here we are with a brand new look. I was dissatisfied with some of the aspects of my old blog theme, so I sorted through all the available ones and this one struck a chord with me. I hope you folks don’t hate it. I suppose I could teach myself CSS in my spare time so I could simply modify the things I didn’t like about the old theme, but that’s not going to happen. Mainly because I don’t have any spare time, and if I did I’d spend it on something useful. Like sleep.

I do worry about some aspects of it, such as the comments button. It’s that little thing shaped like a speech bubble at the upper right of this post. Pretty subtle, huh? But I do like this theme. It feels gritty to me, so it goes along with the book I’m working on, Dead Heat, which is a ghost story. Last year an agent (who shall remain nameless) told me YA won’t sell unless it’s edgy. My racing books are not particularly edgy, even though they deal with some issues that might be listed in that category. I made them that way on purpose, knowing that there’s huge crossover potential with the racing crowd, which tends to be somewhat conservative. So just to prove I could be as edgy as the best of them, I came up with a new book idea in which I killed off a character in the very first sentence. And in case that didn’t do the trick, I gave the protagonist, Alex, a meth addict father who beats the crap out of him on a regular basis. My sister thinks the story’s really dark, but it doesn’t feel that way to me because,  like my other books, it’s about the family we create for ourselves. The heart of the story is the relationship between Alex and his no-longer-among-the-living mentor, Cole. And I guess I must be doing something right since my betas keep saying, “do you really have to kill off Cole?” Well, yeah. It is a ghost story. But I’m glad I did him in before I knew him because it would be really hard to do it now. At any rate, when I look at my new theme, it makes me think of my WIP. And it doesn’t necessarily contast with my other books. In fact, I think it works pretty well for a YA author. So please, if you hate it, just silently snicker to yourself.

In other news, I remain a Ducks fan in spite of our tragic loss in the BCS championship game.  (How about those last two minutes, people?!) I’m even starting to really dig football. In fact, next year I think I’ll have a party every time the Ducks play. Note to my husband:  Sorry you had to find out about it this way. Don’t worry, in the future I’ll be the one to clean the green and yellow Silly String off  the ceiling.

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20 Responses to You Can’t Teach an Old Blog New Tricks

  1. Roxie says:

    New year, new blog format. I like it. Good luck on that new novel. So edgy you could cut yourself. Sounds GREAT! Very marketable. Make sure there’s a nubile feminine interest.


  2. Karen Champ says:

    The new format looks great, Lisa. 🙂


  3. Love the new layout, Lisa!!!


  4. No snickering from me! I like the new look. And your WIP sounds solidly edgy…and good.


  5. Elisabeth Miles says:

    I like this theme. And the part for Leave a Reply looks like the floor in my dad’s machine shop. Not too far off from a garage floor.


  6. Alice Lynn says:

    This is a departure from the old look, but with things coming up in 2011, you’re just moving with the times! And, yeah, how come you had to kill Cole? 🙂


  7. macrush53 says:

    Love this new look. The WIP sounds very interesting.


  8. Helen Wand says:

    Sounds like a great idea for your next book. I do have to say that I am seriously impressed with your last one!


  9. Love the look, Lisa. There’re some things I need to change about my blog, but I don’t have the time, either, to learn how to fix the problem.

    I don’t suppose you could tell me who the agent is? I’m about to query my book, and I’m looking for agent who likes edgy. 😀


  10. i like the new look 🙂


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