Braving the Wilds of Yacolt

We have friends in Yacolt, Washington, so we went up there to celebrate the 4th of July.

The parade featured floats

And local groups such as the Vancouver Heritage Ambassadors

Lawn mower races—does this look like fun or what?

The lawn mower races were cool, but they could have been better organized. What basically amounted to 45 minutes of entertainment was stretched out over more than 2 hours.  Here’s a video of the powder puff main. For the record, I must state that I am adamantly opposed to powder puff events. But I guess the guys were afraid the girls would beat them. As a landscaper and former race car driver, this sport seems tailor made for me. Maybe one of these days…

My friend Rachele sometimes photographs entries from her junior high journal and posts them on her blog. I found this 4th of July poem I wrote in 4th or 5th grade, so I thought I’d do the same  (click to enlarge).

Look at that atrocious printing! And it’s not much better now.

The text reads:


A Goodyear blimp

the tiresome waiting

a sparkler burning

it’s so frustrating

Just waiting to see

and also to hear

the first firecracker

of the year

Just waiting because

it’s the 4th of July

as the darkness slowly

takes over the sky

Just as you start to see the first star

a thunderous noise comes from afar

the sky is lighted with red, yellow, and green

the most spectacular sight ever seen.

Okay, so it’s not Shakespeare, and the meter in the last stanza could use some work,  but hey, I was ten.

I hope all of you had a great holiday weekend.

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10 Responses to Braving the Wilds of Yacolt

  1. Roxie says:

    For a ten-year-old that was teriffically good! No wonder you’re such a polished expert by now.

    The lawnmower race looked like fun. Probably a lot more exciting when you’re actually there. My husband’s cousin participates in tractor races, and since she’s the only female participating, she plays with the boys. And beats them five times out of six.


  2. Elisabeth Miles says:

    See. That’s the whole reason for the powder puff events. The guys are scared. Lisa, after the knee event, maybe you can train for Yacolt 2011.


  3. love that poem! looks like fun 🙂


  4. Katy Skinner says:

    Yeah, Lisa… Do the lawn mower race! Pleeeezze.


  5. Elisabeth Miles says:

    Actually that would be a cool, fun thing to have in Full Throttle.


  6. Kaia says:

    I love the poem Lisa!!


  7. Lawnmower races…I love it! And yes, you must compete one day. WITH the guys.

    BTW, your poem at 10 beats out anything I could write now.


  8. rose says:

    I like the poem! Maybe now you can redo it!!!!


  9. Looks like fun. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.


  10. Lisa Nowak says:

    Roxie, Shelli, Kaia, Chris, and Rose, my ten-year-old self thanks you for the compliments on my poem. But Chris, you’re not fooling me. I’ve read your books and they’re awesome.

    Beth and Katy, lawnmower racing just might be in my future, but I have to find some money, first. At least it’s not as expensive as stock car racing.

    Elana, you’re the first person I’ve met who says the 4th of July is her favorite holiday. That’s interesting. Of course I’m a Christmas junkie myself. 🙂


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