Wildly Wet and Wonderful

What a deliciously drippy day. It’s rained 1.38 inches here in Milwaukie since yesterday afternoon, and from the Doppler radar it doesn’t look like it’s in any hurry to quit. Perfect writing weather. In fact, yesterday I cracked that 2000 word-a-day barrier for the first time since I started my current project. It’s a ridiculous goal, I’ve discovered, because I tend to do a lot of editing as I write. And a lot of staring blankly at the screen. I’ve reevaluated what my daily progress should be, but it was nice to make the goal at least once.

This image originated on KGW News Channel 8 Doppler radar

Normally, I’m not one to use word count as a target, but I’ve been having a lot of anxiety over this project and my ability to string words together, so I needed some concrete proof that I’m making progress. It’s not the total words that are important so much as alleviating the fear that I’ve “lost it.” I take comfort in knowing that many of the writers I’ve talked to struggle with this same anxiety.

Last night, to further fuel my creativity, I took a walk in this lovely, gray December rain. It felt so good after that alien mix of clear skies and highs in the 20s we had last week. There’s something soothing about being wrapped up in a soggy Oregon nimbostratus hug. I had to laugh when a good Samaritan pulled up beside me in her SUV. “Would you like a ride?“ she asked. I guess she couldn’t conceive of the possibility that somebody might actually choose to walk in this drizzle.

How about you folks? Do you enjoy a good soaker, or are you a hold-out for blue skies no matter what time of year it is? What’s your favorite “writing weather”?

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4 Responses to Wildly Wet and Wonderful

  1. Rose Lefebvre says:

    I sometimes enjoy standing under a tree and watching the droplets sparkle on the ends of pine needles or leaves. The sounds is like a hushed music. I do enjoy rain.


  2. Roxie says:

    I’m such a heliotrope that I gotta say I love the clear skies. Unremitting rain gets me down. Intermittant rain is OK.


  3. Rain and gray is the best writing weather for me. Love love love.

    Walking in it…not so much.

    Congrats on hitting the 2000-word mark! I’m impressed!


  4. Lisa Nowak says:

    Rose, what a beautiful sentiment. Even your prose is poetry.

    Roxie, I’m sure you must’ve enjoyed our Christmas sunshine, then.

    Chris, I’ve got to agree about writing weather. Something about a good rain storm just makes me hunker down and focus.


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