I Got Tagged

I was tagged by Shelli Johannes-Wells the other day.

The rules are as follows: link to the person who tagged you; write down six things that make you happy; post the rules; tag six others and let them know you have done it; tell the person who tagged you when your entry is up.

I am really slammed right now. This is the worst possible time I could have been tagged because I’m in the process of sending out multiple queries and everyone seems to want something from me this week. I’m afraid to open my email or answer the phone. It always means more work. It seems that even the universe has its hand out with broken heaters, watches that stop working, sticky faucets, cars that leak, and boneheads leaving La-z-boys in my front yard. Sorry if I sound like I’m whining.  I just want one 24-hour period to work on my own stuff with no other obligations.

For these reasons, I’m not going to elaborate on the things that make me happy.

1. My cats Keelan, Loki, and Dakota who don’t mind when I steal their chi.

2. The people in writing community because they make me feel like a hero.

3. My husband, who believes in me beyond a shadow of a doubt and helps me brainstorm my plots.

4. My writing, when I have a chance to do it, which I haven’t in a long time.

5. Western Oregon because it’s an awesome, progressive, breathtakingly beautiful, “green” place to live.

6. Chocolate because…well, it’s chocolate.

I’m tagging the following people, and I hope that this will encourage more people to check out their blogs:

Susan Landis-Steward (Aliens Spotted Near Beavercreek)

Laini Taylor (Grow Wings)

Bridget Zinn (Bridget Zinn’s Blog)

Casey McCormick (Literary Rambles)

Roxanna Matthews (Sanna’s Bag)

Katy Skinner (The City Chicken)

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3 Responses to I Got Tagged

  1. Casey says:

    Those all sound like things worthy of happiness! I even have a few of the same. My entry is up! Thanks for tagging me!


  2. Roxie says:

    My post is up. Tah dahh!


  3. Katy Skinner says:

    I wanna play real tag.


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