Blogging Challenge

A challenge was posted on the Kidlit listserve a few weeks ago: Comment on five blogs each day for three weeks. Heck, I’m lucky if I can read five blog posts a day, which is why I currently have a backlog of 191 on my Google Reader. So I created my own more manageable challenge: Visit five new blogs each week. You don’t have to read every single post, just sample a few, cruise through the backlog a bit, and if you like what you see, add it to your blog reader.

Why do this? Because there are a lot of really cool blogs out there, and if you don’t make a point of going to look for them, you’ll miss out. This is not only an opportunity for you to discover new information, but also an opportunity to draw readership to your own blog by posting interesting comments.

So where will you find these blogs? For those of you who are into kid’s literature, you can find a list of blogs on Anastasia Suen’s website. For those of you who aren’t, type a subject you’re interested in and the word “blog” into Google. See where it takes you. If, for example, you’re into historical fiction, look for a blog about that.  Have you always wondered what it would be like to raise chickens in the city? I guarantee you, someone’s blogging about it.

I discovered Problogger and Copyblogger, two great advice sites, through a book on blogging. I came across Redneck Mother while reading an online article.  The most obscure way I’ve found a blog was when I Googled “yin yang” and “cat”, looking for a feline-themed yin yang symbol I thought I’d once seen.  A blog called Twice Bloomed Wisteria popped up because it had a post titled “My yin-yang cat is dead.”

This week I’ve visited three new sites so far.   The Through the Looking Glass, The Unnamed Forest, and Fresh Baked Bits.

I hope you’ll join me in this challenge.  Feel free to use the comments section to share the interesting blogs you find.

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  1. shelli says:

    Hey – thanks for your comments 🙂 A “beat” is a piece of action – it can eb used to break up dialogue. for example:

    “ugh!” I threw head back and stared up at the sky. “Please tell me the publishing business will go on@!”

    The part in between the two pieces of dialogue (i threw my head back….)is considered a “beat” (though this is not a very good one.;)


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