Race Morgan’s Car

I’ve been working on promotional stuff lately.  Ideas for my platform, materials for my one-day-to-be-published website, and business cards specifically tailored to my writing (you can’t really hand an agent your landscaping card at a conference).

I want to have a graphic on my card that supplements the limited text and shows people that I write about racing. I also need a theme and color scheme for my website, so I figured, why not tie it all to the race car driven by one of my characters?

For those of you who are familiar with In the Blood, here’s what Race Morgan’s Limited Sportsman looks like. Any MOPAR fanatics out there might recognize it as a ’74 Dodge Dart.


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3 Responses to Race Morgan’s Car

  1. Bridget Zinn says:

    I didn’t know you were writing about racing! A friend of mine wrote a couple of short non-fiction title for kids called Formula One Race Cars and Indy Race Cars. V. v. good reads. Here’s the link: http://tiny.cc/cIc4H

    Are you writing a novel about them?


  2. OMG, my parents drove a Dodge Dart for years. I thought the outline of the car looked familiar. I don’t know what year theirs was exactly, but it was mid-70s.

    I think basing your card and web graphics on this would be awesome.


  3. lisanowak says:

    Bridget, I write about stock car racing, that good ‘ol southern boy sport. You can find out more about my racing and my books on the other pages of this blog, listed in the “Pages” section.


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