Daylight Saving Time

Where's the button to reset this thing to Standard Time?

I have three cats. One of them is, shall we say, BIG BONED.  Even though they eat Innova Low Fat food, ol’ Loki continues to be a bit on the chunky side. Okay, I’ll stop mincing words. That little sucker is FAT.

The others, like Keelan in the photo above, are pretty normal, but Loki has a wattle that might one day flip him over. I can’t free feed these guys, so they get three measured meals a day. Naturally that means they have a bit of trouble with Daylight Saving Time. Today at 4 PM they all meowed in chorus for their 5:oo meal.

It’s hard being a cat mommy.

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4 Responses to Daylight Saving Time

  1. Alice Lynn says:

    I’m a cat mommy too though my guys free feed and, admittedly, are on the portly side. I love the return to Standard Time because of that extra hour’s sleep. But I did find myself thinking about dinner at 4 rather than 5 o’clock. It seems I’m a creature of habit too. Move over, cats.


  2. Katy Skinner says:

    Haha! I showed this picture to Bert. 🙂


  3. Bridget Zinn says:

    That is too funny! They do seem to have an incredible internal clock.


  4. susanls says:

    My cat, as you know, is evil. She irritates all day long. Good thing we have the Good Dog Gwynneth!


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