Redline is Now Available

At long last, Redline  (Book 4 in the Full Throttle Series) is available in ebook form.


Now that Jess DeLand has escaped her alcoholic mother’s grip, all she wants is a chance to be normal. To hang out with her wisecracking-but-intuitive boyfriend Cody, learn as much she can about restoring cars from her mentor Kasey, and fill in as substitute big sister to Rhett when her friend Teri Sue goes off to college. But when her past crashes headlong into her present, all hopes of normal go spinning off into the weeds. Jess’s attempts to spare her friends—and herself—from the things she’d rather keep hidden, threaten to destroy the new life she’s built. Maybe normal is too much to ask for.


Redline is currently available with these distributors:

Eventually it will also available at Sony and Apple, but first it has to be approved for the Smashwords Premium Catalog and sent to those vendors. That process can take some time.

For those of you waiting for the paperback, it should be out around the middle of May.

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6 Responses to Redline is Now Available

  1. Yes! I loved Driven. Congrats on your new release. I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Barb says:

    Hooray!! We’re so glad to travel along with Jess again.

  3. Rose L. says:

    I have Redline on my Kindle now and am telling all my friends and family about it.

  4. Lisa Nowak says:

    Thanks, Barb and Rose. :)

  5. sheila says:

    I hope you hurry and get to the last book. I cant wait.

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