Halloween Urban Fantasy Blog Hop

Welcome to the Halloween Urban Fantasy Blog Hop!

All the participants will be answering questions about their favorite urban fantasy stories and offering great prizes. Be sure to visit each blog for your chance to win.

And now, here are my answers:

What do you love about the urban fantasy genre (reading and writing)?

To me, the most appealing thing about urban fantasy is that it incorporates supernatural elements into the every day world. That makes it seem like there just might be a little bit of magic in the common place and that someday I might discover it.

Who is the sexiest supernatural creature? Who’s the scariest?

I never thought of supernatural creatures in terms of sexy. They all seem pretty scary to me. But if I had to choose one, I’d say Monroe from Grimm. Not Blutbads in general, just him. Scariest? Probably vampires. Werewolves don’t bother me that much. I mean, you just scratch them behind the ears or give them a belly rub, and they’re putty in your hands.

If you could make any supernatural creature, what would it look like and what powers would it have?

I think I’d create a creature that looked like a regular person, but had the agility and other characteristics of a cat. Maybe he’d even purr, and it would be somewhat involuntary, so it might happen at inopportune moments.

Do you have any Halloween rituals?

Mostly just eating candy. :)

Walking at midnight in a forest on Halloween – crazy, scary or adventurous?

Walking in the forest at midnight is always a little scary to me, regardless of whether or not it’s Halloween. There are creatures out there who can see in the dark better than I can, and they might be hungry.

What is your worst fear?

I don’t like talking about my worst fears. It seems too much like tempting fate. Just the idea of verbalizing them creeps me out.

What is one of your character’s worst fear?

Alex, my main character in Dead Heat, is most afraid that his dad will hurt or kill someone he cares about.

What is your favorite Urban Fantasy novel?

I like the YA/MG stuff so my tastes run toward things like the Gone series by Michael Grant and Unwind and others by Neal Shusterman.

Who is your favorite Urban Fantasy hero/heroine?

You know, none of the heroes actually stand out to me in urban fantasy. It’s more the thought-provoking story ideas, like in Unwind, where abortion has been outlawed, but if parents don’t like their kids they can have them sort of “retroactively aborted” in an unwinding procedure in which all their body parts are harvested to be used in transplants. Is that a creepy idea, or what?

Which hero/heroine would you love to be on Halloween?

I never dress up for Halloween anymore. I just don’t have time, and I’m usually too tired to think up anything good. :P When I was a kid, though, I used to love to come up with crazy costumes.

And now, here’s my own urban fantasy:

A man who longs for a son, and a boy who can’t escape his father’s violence. Even death can’t break the bond they share.

Alex is a machine whisperer. He can tell what’s wrong with a broken-down car with a touch. But his gift can’t save him from the brutality of his meth-addict father. For two years, Alex experienced kindness through Cole, his mentor. Now Cole’s dead, and the violence in Alex’s life is escalating.

When Cole reappears as a ghost, Alex clings to the tenuous link. Then he learns Cole might’ve sacrificed his chance to cross over. Jade, the first girl to look beyond Alex’s past, assures him Cole can reach the Other Side—if Alex escapes from his dad. But a previous terrifying attempt has convinced Alex it’s impossible. Unless he can find the courage to try, his friend may be earthbound forever.


The prize I’m offering today is an ebook copy of Michelle Muto’s Don’t Fear the Reaper. To be entered to win, just leave a comment below.

Haunted by memories of her murdered twin, Keely Morrison is convinced suicide is her only ticket to eternal peace. But in death, she discovers the afterlife is nothing like she expected. Instead of peaceful oblivion or a joyful reunion with her sister, Keely is trapped in a netherworld on Earth with only a bounty-hunting reaper and a sarcastic demon to show her the ropes.

When the demon offers Keely her ultimate temptation–revenge on her sister’s killer–she must determine who she can trust. Because, as Keely soon learns, the reaper and demon have been keeping secrets and she fears the worst is true–that her every decision changes how, and with whom, she spends eternity.


Sounds great, huh? Now hop over to these blogs for more fun and prizes:

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20 Responses to Halloween Urban Fantasy Blog Hop

  1. I don’t think Monroe is sexy – I don’t swing that way – but he’s my favorite character on the show, that’s for sure!

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  3. The books you mentioned all sound great. And this “in Unwind, where abortion has been outlawed, but if parents don’t like their kids they can have them sort of ‘retroactively aborted’ in an unwinding procedure in which all their body parts are harvested to be used in transplants” is SO CREEPY! Have to add all of these to the TBR pile.

  4. Rose L. says:

    Don’t Fear the Reaper sounds frightening. It is a nightmare to be trapped twixt heaven and hell and not knowing if or when your actions will guide you through to one or the other. Just the idea sends chills down my spine.

  5. Unwind does sound extremely creepy.
    I almost didn’t write out my worst fears for the same reasons as you. Just something scary about writing them out or saying them out-loud.

    • Lisa Nowak says:

      Yup, Yelena, I’m just a big coward. :P And it’s not only the worry of making your fears come true. It’s the idea of everyone knowing what you fear most. It makes you feel so vulnerable.

  6. Hmm, Don’t Fear the Reaper sounds interesting. I tried to get into Grimm in the first season but it just didn’t click for me. Should I give it another try?

    • Lisa Nowak says:

      Angelica, it wasn’t very good the first half of the first season. The only reason I kept watching was because it’s filmed here in Portland and Monroe was so fun to look at. But the writing really picked up at the end of last year, and this year it’s great. I recommend getting the first season on Netflix and just gritting your teeth through the first few episodes until Nick grows a personality. :)

  7. M.R. Buttars says:

    Unwind sounds super creepy! I wasn’t a big fan of Grimm either, but I liked Once Upon A Time that was on ABC around the same time.
    m.r.buttarsbooks at gmail dot com

    • Lisa Nowak says:

      M. R., as I commented to Angelica, I think it’s worth giving Grimm another try. It’s a much better show this year. But you might need to watch last season in order to make sense of what’s going on now.

  8. A.J. Locke says:

    Those hungry creatures in the forest could be good inspiration for a story….if you survive them lol

  9. Alice Lynn says:

    Halloween definitely epitomizes the creepy fantasies that can inhabit our subconscious. Enjoyed reading some of yours. :-)

  10. kristiecook says:

    Love your cat creature. Purring at the wrong time could be quite embarrassing, definitely. And Unwind? Totally creepy!

  11. I’ve been meaning to watch Grimm. I keep hearing that it’s amazing. Thank for the reminder!

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